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Jim Bajor

1953 - 2006



I am sad to report that on December 21 2006 Jim Bajor passed away. Jim was critically injured in a car accident on November 27 2006 and had emergency hip surgery on December 3rd. He had a cardiac arrest on December 7th and never regained consciousness.

I had known Jim for over 25 years and over the course of those years I had been his producer, musical collaborator, business associate, astrologer, and booking agent; But most of all he was my friend.

His music touched many over the years with his heartfelt approach to the piano that was heavy on feeling and emotional content. He had performed all over the metro Detroit area for over 30 years and his soothing style and unassuming personality were his trademark and legacy.

Jim had many challenges over the years but whenever he sat down at the piano he found his joy and purpose. If you were ever lucky enough to see him performing - either live or in the studio – you would have witnessed his total detachment and transformation from an ordinary fellow to an artist of poise and stature.

Jim and his music will be truly missed. His family and close circle of friends (especially Teri Ross; his closest confidant and supporter) are working hard to insure that Jim’s music will remain available so that future generations can bear witness to his genius and talent.

Below is a short bio written by Teri Ross and edited by Jim himself. It was part of a project they were working on together just before his untimely death. I have added some dates and other info


Jim Bajor was a native of Michigan.  He studied music for over 25 years, privately and at Wayne State University as well.  His musical compositions were rich in jazz and pop influences.  They posed the unique ability to evoke images, feelings and emotions through a delicately woven tapestry of beautiful melodies, rich harmonies, and hypnotic rhythms.  As you listen, you were transported beyond the pressures of the daily, mundane world to a place of present-moment awareness and serenity.

Jim’s first album “Awakening,” (recorded in 1987 on JBX records), gained national and international recognition while being aired on radio stations across the continent.  Jim was nominated for a Grammy in the Best New-Age category that year.

He went on to create his next album, the haunting and personal, all original, “Gentle Images” also on JBX records in 1989.  Jim later composed Intimate Christmas (produced by Jotown and released by JBX records in 1991) which featured Jim solo as well as with his light Jazz trio in spirited renditions of favorite holiday classics.

Jim became recognized as an exceptional talent and was asked to score the PBS television special The Sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald.  Because of his love and empathy for all human kind, Jim has also worked on Network television projects for Hospice Care and for The National Humane Society.

In 1992 Sugo Records, a major independent recording group in Half Moon Bay, California took note of Jim’s talent. They did a test pilot with Jim and some of their other premier artists called Piano Portraits.  Justly impressed, they signed Jim to a recording contract later that year.  That contract allowed him to devote himself to Somewhere In Time, a collection of nostalgic musical works.  It features great composers of yesteryear arranged and performed by Jim, and some of Jim’s own compositions. This romantic collection will take you on a seductive journey down memory lane.

Summer Stories and The Holiday Collection both on the Sugo label, feature Jim Bajor and Sugo’s most gifted musicians.  These melodious jewels will take you on a magical journey through golden summers and sparkling Christmas’s of days gone by.  Christmas Memories, also on the Sugo label, features a fireside collection of holiday classics performed and arranged exclusively by Jim.  It is a sensitive, harmonic offering for the winter season.

Jim has performed at numerous public and private engagements across the country.  His music is currently included in the hugely successful Chevy Tahoe promotion. Due to popular demand, Jim re-released Awakening and some of his other coveted works in early 2004.  At the time of his death he was working on several projects include two new albums that were to be recorded and releases in 2007.

Jim was also planning to have both “Gentle Images” and “Awakening” re-mastered and released as a boxed set in 2007.



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