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Hello there;

I am happy to announce that a CD of the Soundtrack from the movie "Return of the Magi" has been released. I composed and recorded all of the music on the CD. There are 11 tracks, and they are all vocal songs with me singing.

The movie is now in full release via DVD and you can rent the movie on Netflix @ NETFLIX.COM

CD Cover

You can purchase the digital .mp3 Album on iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, Amazon or Lala, , Or you can order the actual CD directly from me right now if you would like a copy.

This is the first set of original songs that I have released in a long time and I am very excited and energized by the positive response the music has gotten both at the premier in Denver Colorado on May 18th 2008, and from people who have heard the music via the trailer on Youtube or in my live shows.

You can hear some of the music from the CD on my MYSPACE MUSIC PAGE. Please send me a new friend request when you visit.

Buy CD Here

To order a copy of “The return of the Magi” sound track CD directly from me just hit the BUY NOW button below. To purchase the digital version or to buy the CD from CD Baby hit the BUY CD HERE button above

You can check out the Art work, lyrics, song order and liner notes HERE.

Thank you all for your continued support of my music.



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