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Kelly Lee Phipps Fundraiser Boulder CO January 19th 2014

Kelly Boulder

  Kelly Lee Phipps Fundraiser Asheville November 9 2013
  Kelly Asheville



Buster Marbury Tribute/Benefit. Mon June 22 2009

My dear friend of over 30 years – Arthur (Buster) Marbury - passed away after a battle with cancer on May 19th. He was an amazing musician and an even more amazing person.

I want to thank all of those who came out Memphis Smoke in Royal Oak on Monday June 22nd. You have helped put a dent in his medical bills.

I especially want to thank The Musicians: Terry Thunder (of the Sun Messengers), Greg Dokes (The Temptations), Tony Suhy (King Sweat), Randy Leipnick (Sempher Media), Kenny Welk (Mystery Train),and Eric Wilhelm.

Teresa Marbury (Busters Wife) and Bruce Pooley (of Rock & Soul) did a great set as well.

I have gotten several emails and calls from people who couldn't make it but stil want to help out. You can call or email me and I will give you the address to send you contribution. My cell# is 313-801-3401 or you can contact me via email @

Thank you again to all of you who helped me help me help my friend.

I have decided to run for President! October 2008

Hey there;
I am so fed up that I decided to run for president myself:)
Check out this link to see my campaign video: Jotown for President:
I am offering a special deal on my new CD in honor of the election. You can order it at:
Ok; I’m really not running for president but check out the video anyway because it is pretty funny. I do have a new CD out. It is the soundtrack from the Movie “Return of The Magi”. It is my first original thing in a while and I am very proud of it.
I am an independent artist so I have to pay for my recordings and manufacturing myself. The CD has already gone Cardboard (531 copies) Paper is 250 copies and Plywood is 1000. I have a modest goal to go Plywood by the first of the year and you could help me with your purchase.

Anyway; please get out and vote for whomever you candidate is and be part of the solutiion rather than part of the problem.

Jotown’s New CD on the Mitch Albom Show. July 2009

Wow! It has been a very busy couple of months. My new soundtrack CD from the movie “Return of the Magi” was released in May and it has been quite a whirlwind since I went to Denver in May to perform at the premier/screening. The CD is now available, or you can download it - if you prefer - from iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, Amazon.mp3 and a few other online stores.

Check my Music page for details.

I have gotten to do a few pretty cool things since then. I got to appear on Robert Taylor’s television program “Out of the Ordinary” on WMTV in Grosse Point Michigan in June. Robert is an astrologer and television personality from England and it was an honor to be interviewed by him. I am going to put the half hour interview on Youtube sometime soon so that I can share it with the rest of you.

I also got to do Cindy Saul’s program “Cindy and Friends” on CBS Satellite Radio on June 28th. Cindy has been publishing the “PhenomeNEWS” paper for 30 years now and it was great to meet her in person and hang out with her den of Diva’s (Jean, Gerri and Linda). I am hoping to get on again soon so that I can play some music for her. There was a technical problem when I was there so all I got to do was an interview.

I am going to be on The Mitch Albom Show on WJR/760 Radio on Thursday August 21st from 5 to 7 PM. Mitch is one of my hero’s. I met him once at a music store and I would really like to do with my music what he has done with his career as a writer. He started out as a sports writer for the Freep (which he still does). He then got his Radio show on WJR. He has since published a couple of best selling books; “Tuesdays with Maury” and “The Five People you meet in Heaven.”

Both books were made into films. What I admire so much about Mitch is not just his critical success, but that he has gone from being a musician to a sports writer, and now a novelist, and his books have strong spiritual and inspirational themes. It is rare to move that far out of your box in the newspaper business. I am so tickled to get to perform for one of my role models.

Home Concerts: I have been doing some Home Concerts to promote my CD. Basically someone gets 20 people to pay 10 dollars per person for me to come into their home and do an acoustic concert featuring original songs from my new CD. I have also been mixing in some astrology readings as well. It is a unique way to promote my music, as well as a unique way to get me to come to your house and perform.

If you are interested please contact me and book a date. Till we meet again.

Jotown's Music In The Movies Part 2: June 2008

I am happy to report that a CD soundtrack from the movie "Return of the Magi" has been released. There was a premiere and test screening of the film at the UAC conference held in Denver Colorado..

The screening took place in front of a crowd of almost a thousand people at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Denver on Sunday on May 18 2008. The movie was well received and I got to perform some of the music from the movie at the conference.

You can hear some of the music at my myspace page at: I will be adding some of the music to my music page as well. You can view a trailer of the movie on my music page.

I will have the album on iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody and Amazon very soon, but you can order the CD right now if you would like a copy. This is the first set of original songs that I have released in a long time and I am very excited and energized by the positive response the music has gotten both at the premier in Denver Colorado on May 18th 2008, and from people who have heard the music via the trailer on Youtube or in my live shows.

Please check out the CD and let me know what you think.

Jotown's Music In The Movies: November 2007

I just got back from Asheville North Carolina at the beginning of November. I have been working on the music for a film called “Return Of The Magi.” The movie is similar to the hit film from last year called “The Secret.” It is a docudrama about astrology featuring some of the worlds foremost experts on the subject. It also includes some dramatic footage about the life of a woman going through huge life changes, and how astrology helped her find her way back to herself.

The film maker’s name is Kelly Lee Phipps and he and his wife Christina have become dear friends of mine. Kelly is an astrologer, novelist, philosopher, game designer, writer, poet, scientist, etc…. and I am sure that I have left something out. His wife Christina is a massage therapist, actress, and writer. Christina also plays the lead role in the movie.

I am very excited about this project as it gives me a chance to mix my two passions; Music and Astrology. It also is giving me a chance to present some of my new original music to the world.

You can hear a demo of the title song on my Music Page. You can also view the trailer for the movie there as well. Or you can just go to Youtube at; to take a peek.

Have a great holiday season, and check back often as there will be a lot of new music showing up on my site in the coming months.

Jotown On MYSPACE: Sept 2007

I have had a myspace account for a while but I have only recently been adding content (and friends) to it. You can get me at

Feel free to add me to your friends list and I will gladly add you to mine

Sarah Greenwald Inspiration Page: April 2007

I have never met a more vibrant shining ray of light than the little girl who walked into Cheeseburger in Paradise and gave me the “ROCK ON!” salute a few months ago. Her smile and energy just filled up the room. When her Mom told me that she had Leukemia I was stunned as she was the picture of health.

She told me that her name was Sarah. In March I had the honor of performing at a remission party for my new hero; Sarah Beth Greenwald.

Check out her Inspiration Page here.

American Pie: March 2007

They say that if you can remember the 60’s you probably weren’t there. Well I was there; I was just too young to get high so I remember them pretty well.

When this song first came out in 1971 everybody was speculating what its hidden meaning was. I remember the nuns at my catholic school telling us not to listen to it because it had “evil hidden meanings.”

I speculated about its possible “hidden meaning” for years and I have been singing a version of the song I call; “American Pie” close captioned for the 60’s impaired for over 20 years now.

Check out American Pie (Close captioned for the 60’s impaired) here.

PaczkiPalooza 2007: February 2007

Paczki (Poonchkie) Day 2007 was a complete and total blast.

I was onstage performing at 7:30 AM (yeah that’s right 7:30 AM). Doug Podell and WRIF rolled in around 8:30 and by the 10:00 AM the entire New Dodge Bar was wall to wall and you could barely move.

Lou and Kathy Gordon – the owners of the New Dodge Bar – had worked hard all night preparing authentic Polish food for their guest as they have done every since 1998. There is no doubt that The New Dodge Bar is Paczki Central in Hamtramck.

I played until around 10:00 and the “Polish Muslims” went on shortly after. We had people from Harsens Island, Wyandotte, and Toledo in the house. I even met a couple who had come all the way from Florida to celebrate “Fat Tuesday” Hamtramck style.

The “Polish Muslims” rocked the house till around 1:30 PM and they were followed by “Acoustic Stories” and finally the “The Misty Blues.” The place was definitely off the Hook. Once Doug Podell rolls in with the WRIF Van out front you can count on a big time party as people come out in droves.

I want to send a special shout out to Doug Podell who is so gracious and helpful in making Paczki Day the institution it has become in Hamtramck. I get a hundred phone calls in the days before and after Fat Tuesday from all of the people who hear Doug say my name on WRIF promoting the event. Thank you so much Doug; you are the man!

Kathy tells me it was her busiest day ever (congrats Kathy and Lou) and a great time was had by all. There is not doubt that spring is right around the corner when you have indulged in some authentic Hamtramck Paczki’s.

I want to send a shout out to the folks from Harsens Island as well as my old friend from Eddies Bar in Hazel Park for coming by early enough to catch my show. Thanks also to Lou and Kathy Gordon who go out of their way to insure a true authentic Hamtramck experience to all who come to the New Dodge Bar every day of the year; but especially on Paczki Day.




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Doug Podell from WRIF and me on Poonchkie Day 2007


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