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  Me at Brewhouse  


People are always asking to see pictures of me before I shaved my head so I am including a bunch of pictures. Most of them from a long time ago. Check out the thumbnails below and click on them to see a larger image.


  my first guitar jotown floaters jotown smile jotown headshot jotown belle isle floaters hamtramck jotown larry


  my first guitar  





This was my first guitar. I got it for Christmas when I was about 10 or so.. Note the dials I put on it. I took flashbulbs and clay and put them on the guitar so that it would look like an electric guitar. That's my brother Tommy putting a flashbulb over my head.


  Jotown floaters 1978  


This is me with the Floaters in the late 70's. This is one of the rare times when all 5 of the Floaters were together. From left to right you have Paul, Ralph, Larry, Charlie and Jonathan.



  Jotown smile  


This is my mid-80's look.

  jotown headshot  



This is me in the late 80's.

  Jotown Belle Isle  


  This pic is from an album cover of mine in the early 90's. The picture was taken by my former drummer and my dear friend Dino Zogzas. He is also a very talented photographer.


  With Floaters at Hamtown  



This is me with the Floater's at the Hamtramck Festival in 2003. We did the the Hamtramck Festival in 2002 and 2003. It was great working with them again as well as playing with my old band T.F.O.


  Jotown and Larry  


  This is Larry Cunningham of the Floaters and me in front of the Masonic Auditorium in Detroit Michigan. We opened for Al Green that day and it was a very special reunion for me.



I will be adding a bunch of new and old pictures in the coming weeks.

Also; many people have been asking me about all of the pictures that used to be on my old web site from all of the Hamtramck bars and the boat cruises. I will be adding a section to my site that will feature a bunch of those pictures.

If you have any pic's from any event that I was involved in please feel free to email them to me or contact me so that I can get them up.

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